07 October 2007

Wine in the grass

The couple looked very much in love, but they were a little drunk as well. They kissed, they danced to Dave Alvin, and in their bliss, they kicked over their open bottle of red wine onto the grass. I watched them two-step and I watched about a quarter of the bottle empty into the lawn at Marx Meadow at Golden Gate Park.

At a concert like the bluegrass festival, you get an idea of the type and quantity of liquid that spills onto the lawns of urban parks. Beer and bong water. Scotch and soda. Spit. It covers the leaves of the lawn grass (I'm betting it was tall fescue or Festuca arundinacea) and then passes through the soil and around the deep roots below.

None of these liquids are particularly good for the grass. But the grass takes what it needs and grows nonetheless. The grass hides our mistakes and, in time, looks taller and straighter than it did a few days before.

(Photo from errantentity's photostream on flickr)

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